• Lawn Service:
    Our Lawn Service provider will be Total Yard Care, Inc.
    The schedule for mowing all months depends on weather permitting.
    Your front and side lawns will be cut every week from April thru October.
    November, December and March the schedule is every other week.
    January and February lawns will be mowed once a month.
    If you have issues with their service contact Lisa Stallcup (property manager) at 470-5850.
    You can also contact your HOA Board with any problems at

  • There are several companies that various residents have used for backyard mowing:
    Coile's Lawn Service - 464-3434
    Total Yard Care - Marie 797-0883

  • Your HOA Board has a news/information letter that goes out by email. If you would like to be on our Email List, please let us know. We need your full name and street address, and please put SUBSCRIBE in the subject line, send the email to
    To unsubscribe, please do the same with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the Subject line.

  • Parking in Rosedale: 

  • Parking on our streets is allowed, but overnight parking is prohibited by our Covenants and parking on your sidewalk is prohibited by Bossier Parish ordinances. This article was introduced into the covenants to prevent problems related to traffic safety and emergency vehicles. We ask that you do not park your vehicles during the day opposite of other vehicles on a street, so as not to block traffic. If you have a party or numerous guests, please ask them to park along one side of the street, so others can pass freely. Please be considerate of your neighbors also.

  • Sheds and other Temporary buildings:
    Storage sheds are allowed in backyards, but they have to be on a concrete slab and match the exterior of your home. Please check with the Architectural Control Committee for approval and clarification (if needed) before constructing a back yard building.

    If you would like to volunteer to be a committee member, visit the Committees page for information.

  • If you have an event you would like added to the Events page, please send us an email to: